Balancing Mind, Body And Spirit Through Meditation

In today’s hectic, high-paced world where lifestyles leave little room for self, it’s important to learn Meditation Techniques that bring peace, balance, and harmony back into life. As many have become aware, life goes by so fast it becomes difficult to take in even a portion of the action around us. However, in learning to relax and reconnect with life, the invisible will again become visible, the indefinable will become definable, and once again the physical, spiritual, and mental self that makes us all unique will come into balance.The ultimate goal of this technique is to increase intuitive powers that are driven by expansive, mystical resources that guide decision-making. These are drawn from the shared mind of the human race, the planet, and from our history and future. The results will vary depending on the individual and their receptivity to new sources of information. For most a state of balance is unique in that the mind, body, and spirit begin to work in unison making a person feel more grounded and in harmony with the actions taken as well as the guidance received.Changes in the mind will be the most unique. It will feel as though consciousness exists not only in the head, but in the body as well. This will release the spirit which ends up guiding the body as well as decision-making. Although we understand that the body is made up of many parts that all serve a function, with a meditation one will become aware of the harmony and efficiency with which they work. When the body, mind, and body work in unison and attention is directed externally, life will suddenly feel boundless with energy and knowledge free-flowing making anything possible.With meditation, personal identity will become part of a greater whole; like a molecule on the wind you will be everywhere and inside everything. The skin of the body no longer creates a visual boundary which creates a mental limitation in our lives. You will suddenly realize that insight comes from everywhere making life feel like a familiar companion that’s spontaneous rather than an obstacle to be overcome. Determining one’s current state will help provide the impetus for change.There are many ways to determine your current state. Writing about it is one of the easiest. There are three aspects that need to be considered; mind, body, and spirit. How you organize your life, make decisions, and participate in your favorite activities are all important aspects. When analyzing the body one would consider whether they prefer concrete or abstract concepts or whether instinct or being grounded drives movement and stimulation.When evaluating the mind you would look at how you express yourself verbally, analyze information, organize your mind, and conceptualize your world. Finally, you should determine what inspires you and whether you can visualize what can be as opposed to requiring concrete proof what is possible. When you look at the decisions you make and what things you traditionally avoid, it can tell you much about yourself, as can phobias, your detail orientation, and where your focus is, on yourself or on others.It is important that all these factors be in-balance, but it may require action on your part in ways that are not necessarily planned. For instance, if you need to be more physically fit in order to have the body image that helps you achieve balance, you may need to increase your exercise level. It’s important, however, that mind, body, and spirit receive the same workout. For instance, mentally exercise by measuring your heart rate, physically exercise by doing yoga, and spiritually exercise such as participating in tai chi or learning Reiki which is hands-on healing.Merging the mind and body is a first by enhancing the consciousness. This requires relaxing to the point where the inside of the body comes to conscious awareness giving into a total awareness of the body until it merges with the mind. Once this level of consciousness has been achieved one will become aware that the spirit floods both aspects. To balance mind, body, and spirit three-step meditation can achieve a level of awareness that is easier to achieve than one would expect.Negative energy creates barriers in life. It prevents us from doing the things we would like to do and achieving our goals. In order to achieve harmony in life, mind, body, and spirit must be in-balance, but this requires a conscious effort to change. One of the greatest benefits of utilizing Meditation Techniques is that it will improve one’s mood while helping to heal the body.

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